Flat Classroom Workshop

Presenter: George Haines

Session #3: July 2009



















              100% Complete


1. Objectives:

a. Learn to collaborate with Google Maps

b. Learn to collaborate using wikis (jottit)

c. Learn to collaborate using Edmodo

2. Ning Check

3. Google Maps

a. My Project with India (review)

b. Google Map Exercise

                                                       i.      Create our own map

                                                  ii.      Share and collaborate

4. Wiki Exercise

a. Using Jottit as a wiki

b. Lesson Idea assignment (voicethread, Google maps)

5. Edmodo Intro

a. Saints assignment


6. Google Docs (time permitting)



E-mail: ghaines@sspjschool.net

Twitter: oline73

Resources: http://www.FlatClassroom.Jottit.com

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